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Cornerstone is a locally owned restaurant and bar that keeps it simple. We have no gimmicks. Great Service, Great Food and Great Drinks is what we do. Cornerstone is your home away from home. Whether solo outings, visiting from out of town, meet-ups with the family (before their bedtime of course) or gatherings of friends and coworkers, we are the place for you. Don’t forget your furry friend either! Our patio accepts all well-behaved good boys and girls! Speaking of furry friends, Bruwyer LLC/Cornerstone was founded on them. Bruschi (Cindy and Michael’s cat) and Sawyer (Kathryn and Pete’s dog) crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2023 and brought us all together in 2024. Raise a glass to them and all our beloved pets.

Meet the Owners


Pete and Kathryn are local Arlington Village residents that met at 2900 Columbia Pike when it was Brickhaus, had their wedding reception when it was Rebellion and now are part of Bruwyer LLC which owns Cornerstone.  They are looking forward to providing similar memories that the building gave them to others.  Pete works in the neighborhood (across the street) and Kathryn works for the DOD and coaches for the Arlington Aquatic Club.  They also have their cat, Olive.

Cindy & Mike

Cindy Kaylor and Michael were destined to be part owners of Cornerstone. If it weren’t for the restaurant business, they would never have met, let alone gotten married. They love the restaurant business as much as they love each other. Both have roughly 20 years of experience in the Northern Virginia area, including Cindy’s tenure at Rebellion. They are looking forward to sharing that love through Cornerstone to the Columbia Pike Neighborhood and every other guest that walks through the doors.

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